Heavy Metal Brings Barry Geller and Jack Kirby’s Lord of Light Into Full Color With 2015 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Prints!

Jack Kirby Lord of Light

Jack Kirby Lord of Light

EASTHAMPTON, MA, JUNE 22—Before the King of Comics’ debut in the pages of our hallowed (and now humbled) magazine, we present this mind-blowing artwork in a series of limited edition blacklight prints!

Barry Geller & Jack Kirby’s “LORD OF LIGHT” artwork is set to appear in color for the first time in Heavy Metal #276. And to celebrate, we’re giving Comic Con attendees a chance to own a piece of history in bold psychedelic blacklight!


These works of art by Geller & Kirby, mostly unseen before now, are part of American history as they were the artwork used by the CIA for OPERATION: ARGO, which helped free American embassy workers during the Iranian coup in 1979.

Jack Kirby Lord of Light
Planetary Control Room

“To me these drawings represent timelessness, that has bridged from comics and fantasy—they were designed and drawn to becoming actual major structures in a theme park, blended with Jack and I’s visions of Roger Zelazny’s novel Lord of Light. They are Jack Kirby’s most powerful and celebrated foray into Fantasy-as-Real Architecture possible” said Barry Geller. “They certainly depict what we planned to do in 1979; the marriage of our visions and dreams of what our “future world would be” with current reality. These are not just drawings, they are explosions of reality from which our future came—what we are experiencing right now in our current world.”

“The world’s facilities of 2015 shows our cultures can communicate several thousand times faster than 35 years ago. Concepts & technology have become faster to grasp and to visualize. Science fiction is expected to become real. Imagination is now gulping greater quantities of possibility than ever. WE are living in the past’s science fiction, as but now as reality. These seminal and astonishing drawings by Jack Kirby represent my designs and plans for the film Lord of Light and the theme park Science Fiction Land—and I am happy to share them with everyone. It stands to reason now that the greatest ever sci-fi magazine Heavy Metal would be the host to bring these drawings back to the world. ‘Larger than Life!’ as Jack would say. Jack’s work here has transcended fantasy imagination. Welcome to the world of the Real.”

Jack Kirby Lord of Light
Jet Tube Transporter

“We couldn’t ask for a better body of a work for the long overdue debut of Jack Kirby in Heavy Metal” said Heavy Metal co-CEO Jeff Krelitz. “As a tip of the cap to one of my favorite artists and the era of the early 1970’s, I wanted to kick off our year long prints program at Comic-Con with blacklight renditions as psychedelic as the story itself.”

“It was a surreal honor to work Heavy Metal and Barry Ira Geller on this rarely seen, spectacular Jack Kirby art” said colorist Mark Englert. “I grew up reading tattered copies of Kamandi and that remains one of my very favorite comic books to this day. I’m beyond excited to add my name to the list of Kirby collaborators!”

These stunning prints were produced in a strictly limited edition of just 50, with a small number available for preorder on the Heavy Metal website now. All orders must be picked up in person at Comic-Con during all hours of the show at the Heavy Metal booth (#1529).

Based on Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny, conceived by Barry Geller and Jack Kirby, colored by Mark Englert.

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