HM 275

We proudly present HEAVY METAL #275! This must-read release features an incredible array of multi-talented creators from Mexico (and one from Argentina)! A soon-to-be legendary magazine that was painstakingly put together by guest editor supreme, RG Llarena! There’s more exciting news about this issue coming soon – but for now, feast your eyes on the epic tales that await you in this action-packed periodical!

Cover by José Quintero
Cover by José Quintero
New Moon Rising
“New Moon Rising” by Alberto Calvo, Omar Estévez, & FG Dr. Stain Ortiz
The Eyes of Itzam
“The Eyes of Itzam” by Abraham Martínez, MoraMike, Aburtov, Charo Solís Fdez. & JAME
José Quintero
José Quintero Gallery
“Taxi” by FG Dr. Stain Ortiz & Omar Estévez
“Trees Feel No Rage” by Bef & Axel Medellin
The Data Mule
“The Data Mule” by Santiago Casares & Jorge F. Munoz
“Izel” by RG Llarena, Oscar Bazal, Raul Manriqúez, Charles Solís Fdez. & Felipe Sobreiro
“Untopia” by Enrique Puig, Mario Guevara, Emmanuel Ordaz, Charles Solís Fdez. & Felipe Sobreiro
The Outsider
“The Outsider” by Homero Rios, Salvador Velázquez, & Ronato Guerra
Enid Balám
Artist’s Studio: Enid Balám
The 49th Key
“The 49th Key” by Erika Lewis, J.K. Woodward, & Deron Bennett
“Motorcycle” by Fernando Gonzalez

All stories and artwork © 2015 by the respective creators. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “HEAVY METAL #275 PREVIEW

  1. this looks really great. Would you ever consider doing other similar regional specials? Scandinavian, Balkan, Russian, Japanese, etc.?
    It's nice seeing these stories with a thread of common approaches to them.

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