Ghost Rocks a School Talent Show in ’70s Horror-style Video

Ghost Cirice
Ghost Cirice
A spooky young girl shows the talent show crowd who’s boss as mini-Papa Emeritus sings in Ghost’s new video.

If you follow the Swedish Satanic metal band Ghost (operating as Ghost B.C. in the States), you know they’ve had some big news: Frontman Papa Emeritus II was given the boot and replaced by Papa Emeritus III. This was announced last month in a strange clip that ran during a late-night airing of Caddyshack on VH-1 Classic:

Today, Ghost released a video for “Cirice,” the first single off the upcoming album Meliora, due August 21. It features the band—in their old-style face masks—but not Papa Emeritus III, not in the flesh, anyway. His lyrics are lip-synched by a young impersonator who, in the video’s plot, is performing at a grade-school talent show.

Loudwire picked up a Dario Argento vibe in the video’s beginning and an homage to Carrie when the young girl gets her revenge—good eye, Loudwire.

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