Get Jacked Up! 20 Explosive Spreads by Comics Legend Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby Spreads

There’s something very special happening over the next few days involving work by the late Jack Kirby and Heavy Metal—watch this space for more info on that.

UPDATE: Barry Geller and Jack Kirby’s “Lord of Light” Prints in the Heavy Metal Store!

To get you in that Kirby state of mind, we’re bringing you some classics of his published work, spreads from comics he produced for Marvel, DC, and Pacific Comics. Kirby’s over-the-top style of conveying action, architecture and the trippiness of the undiscovered universe was perfect for spreads. In the artist’s best years—the early- and mid-1970s—he created these dynamic two-page masterpieces that pushed the envelope way beyond his previous innovations. This was Kirby taking his own ‘roided-up visual language and then Kirbifying it even more.

These spreads come from the Jack Kirby Double-Page Spreads Flickr gallery, which has about 150 more.

Journey Into Mystery Annual #1

Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 October 1965

Thor #133

Thor #133 October 1966

Jimmy Olsen #136

Jimmy Olsen #136 March 1971

New Gods #4

New Gods #4 September 1971

Jimmy Olsen #147

Jimmy Olsen #147 March 1972

Kamandi #1

Kamandi #1 November 1972

Mr Miracle #11

Mr Miracle #11 December 1972

Demon #6

Demon #6 February 1973

Kamandi #8

Kamandi #8 August 1973

Kamandi #24

Kamandi #24 December 1974

Our Fighting Forces #156

Our Fighting Forces #156 June 1975

2001: A Space Odyssey Treasury Edition

2001: A Space Odyssey Treasury Edition January 1976

Eternals #3

Eternals #3 September 1976

Eternals #6

Eternals #6 December 1976

Captain America #208

Captain America #208 April 1977

Captain America Annual #4

Captain America Annual #4 November 1977

Black Panther #8

Black Panther #8 March 1978

Silver Star #2

Silver Star #2 April 1983

Captain Victory #13

Captain Victory #13, January 1984

Hunger Dogs

Hunger Dogs (DC Graphic Novel #4) 1985

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