Fun With Real Audio: Teen Son vs. Nagging Parents, the Cartoon

Mike Cohen nagged by his parents

“Three-quarters of the parents don’t give a shit!” Mike’s dad harangues him because he cares.

Brother Mike Cohen, a rock ‘n roll fanatic who may also be a “music industry employee” and is most definitely a storyteller, did a really smart thing back in the ’80s: He recorded conversations between his teenage self and his nagging parents. A friend, who isn’t a professional animator, has now turned them into a cartoon, and the Vimeo-posted clip has caught fire. As well it should—if you never had an argument like this with your parents, you probably didn’t have parents. Thank you, Brother Mike Cohen (and animator Rodd Perry). Please make more.

The Brother Mike Tapes: 1985 from rodd perry on Vimeo.

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Published on: March 26, 2015

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2 Responses to Fun With Real Audio: Teen Son vs. Nagging Parents, the Cartoon

  1. Please tell me there is more! I would totally watch this show. I would even buy the products of advertisers for this show. Brilliant!


    Oh there is so much more. La Luz you can find everything from Mike and us at the FB fan page above.

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