Philip Gelatt’s Classic Heavy Metal-Style Animated Film in the Works!

Spine of the Night

Philip Gelatt, the screenwriter on EUROPA REPORT and comic scribe for Oni Press’ Petrograd and Dark Horse’s Pariah, is currently producing a feature length, rotoscope animated, hardcore fantasy film called THE SPINE OF NIGHT. This film is very much inspired by the 1982 Heavy Metal flick and magazine itself. Philip states that Druillet was discussed constantly in pre-production.

Check out the ultra cool clip:

The new film is based on this short that came out last year:

THE SPINE OF NIGHT will be an anthology (ala the classic HM movie) split into five interconnected stories (not like the classic HM movie) all set in the same world of magic, violence and sexuality.

Philip reports, “The rotoscoping process is a time consuming one, so the film isn’t scheduled to be finished for another year or so, but I wanted to introduce the project to you as I think readers and fans of Heavy Metal would spark to it.”

Check out Mr. Gelatt’s work and let him know if you’re psyched to see his modern take on old school rotoscoped animation!


8 thoughts on “Philip Gelatt’s Classic Heavy Metal-Style Animated Film in the Works!

  1. Been waiting a looooong time for something this cool to come along since the original HM movie,….can’t wait….looks S-I-C-K

    1. “Man in the Mirror” is one of my favorite Jackson songs (I prefer “Rock with You” and ∐She—s Out of My Life” from his Off the Wall album).I think that, after Thriller, the anticipation for his next album was so great, that it guaranteed it success. Also, the industry execs knew it would sell well, so they released all sorts of singles from the album and the songs received heavy airplay.Faith is a fun album, too. My sister and I used to love dancing to the title song. I think he’s an underrated talent who’s been forgotten here in the US (his popularity lasted a bit longer in Europe).

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