Deadpool Is on Tinder—Do You Swipe Left or Right?

Deadpool on Tinder

The Deadpool marketing has been excellent thus far, as we mentioned in our 2015 wrap-up post, but as we enter the final two weeks before the movie’s Valentine’s Day release, 20th Century Fox is outdoing itself. Today, Deadpool arrived in the feeds of some lucky Tinder users:

Deadpool on Tinder

Do you swipe left or right?

Also today, the website launched—it’s a site that generates clickbait you can send to your friends:

Deadpool Clickpooler

Deadpool Clickpooler

Deadpool Clickpooler

The site also carries advertisements done in an elegant internet style:

Deadpool Clickpooler

And yesterday, star of the film Ryan Reynolds tweeted a “graphic info-graphic.” Possibly the least informative infographic ever, it’s a Venn diagram that divides the movie’s characters into “Douchebags” and “Heroes,” with Deadpool himself occupying the spot where Douchebags and Heroes overlap. Oh, and by “Venn diagram,” we mean boobs. That’s it:

Deadpool Graphic Infographic

Don’t try to absorb all this information at once.

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Published on: February 2, 2016

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