Another Fine Product: 15 Classic House Ads From Comic Books

Love and Rockets Sonic Disruptors

House ads alert us to titles that are sure to be the Next Big Thing… or not.

Comic book house ads — can you believe the hype? Any comics store loiterer knows the boilerplate: “Coming soon… a new series… the flawed hero… a broken world… from the writer of… and the artist of… nothing will ever be the same!”

Some titles were big hits, others were duds, but fortunately there’s a Tumblr ( that is dedicated to preserving the advertisements that tried to get you to drop your hard-earned cash on something new. (Especially something handicapped by a name like Slash Maraud or The Maxx.) It’s interesting that the bulk of these 15 (and the bulk of the Tumblr blog) date from the ’80s, when so much was happening outside of the Marvel/DC duo-verse, or at least on its fringes.

Sonic Disruptors

Sonic Disruptors (DC Comics – 1987) Illustrators: Barry Crain (Pencils) & John Nyberg (Inks)

Six from Sirius 2

Six from Sirius 2 (Epic Comics – 1985) Illustrator: Paul Gulacy

The Hunger Dogs

The Hunger Dogs (DC Comics – 1984) Illustrator: Jack Kirby

Martha Washington Goes to War

Martha Washington Goes to War (Dark Horse Comics – 1994) Illustrator: Dave Gibbons

Elektra: Assassin

Elektra: Assassin (Epic Comics – 1986) Illustrator: Bill Sienkiewicz

Love and Rockets

Love and Rockets (Fantagraphics – 1982) Illustrator: Jaime Hernandez

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad (DC Comics – 1987)
Illustrators: Luke McDonnell (Pencils) & Karl Kesel (Inks)

Slash Maraud

Slash Maraud (DC Comics – 1987) Illustrator: Paul Gulacy

Marshal Law

Marshal Law (Epic Comics – 1987) Illustrator: Kevin O’Neill

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta (DC Comics – 1988) Illustrator: David Lloyd

The New Mutants

The New Mutants (Marvel Comics – 1984)
Illustrator: Bill Sienkiewicz

The Maxx

The Maxx (Image Comics – 1997) Illustrator: Sam Kieth

The Question

The Question (DC Comics – 1986) Illustrators: Denys Cowan (Pencils) & Rick Magyar (Inks)


Ironwolf (DC Comics – 1973) Illustrator: Howard Chaykin


Coyote (Epic Comics – 1983) Illustrator: Steve Leialoha

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