Andy Kubert Will Frank Miller-ize Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight” Three-quel

Dark Knight Master Race Frank Miller Kubert Janson

Lot going on in that headline. Sorry.

Also, everyone wants to talk about Frank Miller’s health these days. It’s an issue. It’s out there. We will leave it to you to Google it and believe or dismiss whatever you read. To our knowledge, nobody in Frank’s camp has said anything official so we’re not going to speculate.

We do have this: An early image of The Dark Knight: The Master Race. Frank Miller is not drawing the series — that job goes to Andy Kubert, with inks by Miller’s best collaborator, Klaus Janson. Janson’s inks — his light, calligraphic touch — helped make Frank Miller’s Daredevil, well, what we today refer to as Frank Miller’s Daredevil.

Janson is now paired with Kubert, and the image released by DC foreshadows a Dark Knight: Master Race that strives for the grit of Sin City.

Miller’s first Dark Knight is an unquestioned masterpiece. The sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, had a lot of problems, and Miller’s art was among them. Is getting Kubert/Janson to do an homage to Frank Miller a wise move? It may well be. This one image released by DC is pretty great.

Dark Knight Master Race Frank Miller Kubert Janson

Art for Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight: The Master Race” by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson

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