50 Iron Man Suits, From 50 Years of Iron Man


Before there was a Heavy Metal, the heaviest metal in graphical storytelling — comic books, if you will — was Tony Stark’s Iron Man. He was a model of space-age defense technology and harbinger of modern exoskeletal warfa–

Iron Man Tales of Suspense 39

Iron Man debuts on the cover of “Tales of Suspense” no. 39, 1963

Ok, actually he looked crappy, like a discarded costume from a ’50s sci-fi movie. But to be fair, the Mk I’s primary function was to keep Tony Stark from dying, so it has the supersuit/mobile prison duality going on. There was a Man-in-the-Iron-Mask element of the story that was de-emphasized as plotlines (and suits) got more complex.

Iron Man Mark I

It’s not easy being Iron Man Mk I. Panels from “Tales of Suspense” no. 39, 1963.

Things got better, though. Here’s an infographic by Mashable’s Bob Al-Greene that makes me feel so brand new shows 50 of the Iron Man suits worn since that clunky 1963 debut. Click for a larger version:

Iron Man Mashable

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