1988: Jim Carrey Lip-Synchs “Welcome to the Jungle” in “The Dead Pool”

Jim Carrey Welcome to the Jungle

You’re a spider, Jim, you’re a spider. That’s it, good. Now show us your fangs!

Jim Carrey was bouncing around in 1988—he’d starred in a mediocre ’80s comedy (Once Bitten), carried off a supporting role in a big hit (Peggy Sue Got Married) and even had his own sappy, short-lived sitcom (The Duck Factory). He was Jim Carrey but not JIM CARREY, MEGASTAR. He ended up with a pretty amazing cameo in The Dead Pool, Clint Eastwood’s fifth and final Dirty Harry movie. Here’s the man who would become one of the biggest box-office stars of his era lip-synching to the breakout hit by the group that would become one of the biggest hard rock bands of all time—in the scene, Johnny Squares (Carrey) is performing in a cheesy music video, poorly:

The real Guns ‘N Roses guys show up in the film as well — see them in their best black leather at the 0:10 mark in this funeral scene:

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