10 Sexy and Hilarious Sketches by Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes

Catwoman sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: Pinterest

Note: The title of this post has been changed. While the original title was intended to be ironic, some readers were confused by it. They felt that we, Heavy Metal, were condemning Adam Hughes’ art as “inappropriate” and they read the post (or didn’t read it) as a prudish attack. That’s not what we’re about; hell, we’ve been just as “inappropriate” as these sketches since 1977 and proud of it. But anyway: Above is your new, totally literal, irony-free title and this is your new “note” about it. The text below has not been changed.

When it comes to bawdy pinup-style sketches of superheroes, nobody can hold a candle to Frank Cho. Wrong! Adam Hughes can, and does. We can’t speak to volume — we don’t know who has done more of these things — but in terms of quality and attitude Cho and Hughes are on the same page.

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Not everyone is a fan of what Hughes and Cho do. It’s actually a topic of debate — whether these cheesecake-y, sexualized versions of superheroines (and Tomb Raider and Princess Leia), sometimes called “good girl art,” are fun or evil. On the one hand, it is, unashamedly, sexualization of a character in a genre that is (or was initially) aimed at young people. On the other hand… the sexualization has been there from the beginning, particularly when it comes to the usual suspects/subjects like Power Girl, Catwoman, Black Cat, Poison Ivy and Tomb Raider.

But we should ask questions. Here are a couple of sites that have:
Pencil Panel Page: How Should We Feel About “Good Girl Art”?
Newsarama: PROS – “Are American Comic Books SEXIST?”

As to the sense of humor — well, maybe you think there’s something funny about superheroines popping out of their improbable costumes, maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s lampooning the sexuality we pretend isn’t there, maybe it’s making the “problem” (if problem it is) worse. Some of these are funny, others are stupid.

Enough with this hand-wringing. Enjoy (or don’t!) this tomfoolery (and visit Hughes’ official site and his DeviantArt page for more):

Adam Hughes Superhero Pinup

Batgirl sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: Pinterest

Adam Hughes Superhero Pinup

Princess Layover sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: DeviantArt

Adam Hughes Superhero Pinup

Catwoman sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: Pinterest

Adam Hughes Superhero Pinup

Firestar sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: Pinterest

Adam Hughes Superhero Pinup

Mary Marvel sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: Pinterest

Adam Hughes Superhero Pinup

Poison Ivy sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: Pinterest

Adam Hughes Superhero Pinup

Emma Frost sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: Pinterest

Adam Hughes Superhero Pinup

Catwoman sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: Pinterest

Adam Hughes Superhero Pinup

Tomb Raider sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: Pinterest

Adam Hughes Superhero Pinup

Catwoman sketch by Adam Hughes. Source: Pinterest

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20 Responses to 10 Sexy and Hilarious Sketches by Adam Hughes

  1. Dave Johnson says:

    From the magazine that brought us Den by Richard Corben. Hey, I got an article for ya, how about the Top Ten Sexist Heavy Metal covers? Wait, better make that 100, because there are too many to choose from since EVERY cover you print has a sexy chick on it. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. E.P. McFarlin says:

    How the FECK is that Firestar inappropriate? Oh and if you don’t know some of these are COMMISSIONED! C-O-M-M-I-S-S-I-O-N !!!! I’m sorry but before you point out anyone’s short comings, you should be WELL aware of your many flaws sexist and all.

  3. HonorableM says:

    I spit in your article.

  4. Mark Brooks says:

    Et tu Heavy Metal? Would you rather be the pot or the kettle?

  5. Cory Campbell says:

    I think this article is just plain dumb and idiotic in the most plain definitions. And most people are now more dumb and idiotic for reading it.

  6. Ryan Cardinal says:

    Just remember that a REAL article would leave the name of the writer of said article… I failed to see any name attached to this. Adam Hughes is an awesome artist…period! This article is shit!

  7. John says:

    Please don’t cave into this SJW/buzzfeed/tumblr/marysue/huffington post mentality. I see nothing inappropriate here, only a good sense of humor.

    A someone else pointed out, at least these drawings have content and humor to them, unlike the hollow and characterless borderline hentai content you’ve been putting out for the better part of 20 years. Heavy Metal was founded on this kind of humor, often using overt sexualization to great effect. If you don’t want to be deemed hypocritical, you need to fully embrace this artwork, not apologize for it.

  8. Tom Hodges says:

    Seriously?!? With all the bullshit “artist shaming” happening online the last year, you asshats have the nerve to do THIS?!? HEAVY METAL, you can say you like these pieces all you like in your opening statement, but you’re fishing for comments from the vocal minority and trying to create controversy where there isn’t any. And considering what kind of material you guys print and the covers you publish, you’ve got BALLS putting an article out like this. Thanks for fueling the “Mary Sue’s” anti-comic artist brigades campaign.


  9. Mitch Gerads says:

    The only thing about this “article” that isn’t shameful is Adam’s art. Way to seriously drop the ball, Heavy Metal.

  10. Franchesco! says:

    This is why, we can’t have nice things!

  11. Dan Schaefer says:

    i just saw the title”inappropriate Adam Hughes drawings” and went right to the drawings. There was an article?

  12. Digital Jedi says:

    Dear Heavy Metal,

    Your readers are stupid.

  13. Axel says:

    How stupid do you guys have to be to think HEAVY METAL, of all magazines!, would be critical of sexy art?

  14. robert vaisman says:

    Great stuff. In a country that usually much happier with violence over sex. I have always considered Heavy Metal a breath of fresh air.

    Dave Johnson? Is that the same Dave Johnson that drew quite a few comics and sexy covers for Penthouse Comix?

  15. Weidener says:

    The fact that Heavy Metal is even using the word “sexualized” in any context other than to ridicule and demean feminism’s attempt to hijack comics and comic art means this article is a massive failure and a capitulation to P.C. fascists.

    I remember, as I’m sure most readers do, how these agents that have infiltrated comics EXCORIATED Manara for those Marvel covers. Whether you believe it was his best work of not, as far as I’m concerned that was a declaration of war, and for these enemies I have no mercy.

    Maybe Heavy Metal is willing to lie down and take the lobotomy, but I’m not.

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