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Dan Berger here, Heavy Metal's managing editor and the guy that will hopefully be working with you in the future. HM is always searching for cool science fiction, fantasy and horror comics and we'd love to see what you've cooked up from your own fervent imagination and hard work at the drawing board (and/or computer). That said, there are a few things I'd like you to do to make all of our lives easier. Please read through the whole thing (I know it's long - but it's worth your time, trust me):


A) We're only actively seeking completed stories (preferably in full color since most of the magazine features color stories). Everyone here at Heavy Metal has been or is currently a freelancer, so we know working on spec is tough, but for numerous reasons we can only consider finished pieces for the magazine. We do reprint work from all over the world, so the comics do not have to be exclusively done for us.

B) We do not pair writers with artists, so please do not submit artwork hoping to find an assignment or comic scripts hoping for them to be sent to an artist to complete. We just don't have the resources to deal with all the complexities of putting creative teams together. Kevin Eastman, HM's venerable publisher and editor-in-chief, WILL read finished stories, though - he absolutely loves doing that.

C) The preferred method to send in a submission is via e-mail. With postage rates going apeshit, it's the most cost-effective way for you to get your material to us (especially if you live outside the USA), and it's the easiest way for us to check out your work and keep it on file (we've got 35 years of paperwork filling our office, so we're running out of space). E-mail is also cool because I'll know how to contact you should Kevin decide that he'd like to publish your work. Please e-mail low resolution files (72 DPI, no more than 10” at their largest dimension) in JPG or PDF format to with “COMIC SUBMISSION" as the subject line for the message.

D) If you don't have easy access to e-mail and have to submit via snail mail, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK. All caps is obnoxious, but WE DO NOT RETURN SUBMISSIONS, so YOU WON'T GET YOUR ART BACK. So please mail us copies or print-outs of your work, either in B&W or color (color is obviously preferred if your story is in color). PLEASE DO NOT SEND RETURN POSTAGE WITH YOUR SUBMISSION - we'll just spend it on beer and pizza since we're evil bastards and WE DO NOT RETURN SUBMISSIONS.

E) Snail mail submissions should be sent to:

116 Pleasant Street
Easthampton, MA 01027

F) Please include contact information on every page of your story if you submit via snail mail. Always include your full name, mailing address and phone number on every page of your submission in case I lose something. I can be a dumb ass sometimes, so it's best if you prepare for the worst and write your contact info on everything you send.

G) Stories can be as short as one page or as long as 96 pages (and every now and then, even longer). We're mainly looking for short stories from eight to sixteen pages in length, but we do print one-pagers, longer pieces and serialize graphic novels over several issues. The idea behind the shorter stories is to give readers as much variety as possible in each issue (and since we do serialize some stuff, it's nice to have a few self-contained strips to give readers some closure in every magazine). We're happy to read any Heavy Metal-esque comics that you have regardless of page count, but shorter stories do have the best chance to get in and be placed quicker.

H) Response Time: If you submit via e-mail, I'll try to let you know that we received your work within a week of it arriving in our mail box. We do not respond to snail mail submissions at all unless Kevin would like to publish the story (then we'll contact you to let you know that Kevin is interested in your work). Even if you submit via e-mail, it can take four to six months (or longer) for us to get back to you regarding publishing the piece. Crazy, huh? We apologize in advance, and thank you for your interest in the mag, but we only publish six issues per year and we're often working with very looooong lead times, so it can take quite awhile for us to go through the submissions and place work into the magazine. Also, we do not reject anything outright unless you specifically ask for an immediate “yay” or “nay.” We like to keep things on file in case of emergencies, so we don’t rule anything out unless a creator requests it. Most likely, if you ask for an immediate response, it will be “nay” because we’re on a long timeline, making it very difficult for us to commit to anything quickly (so it’s much easier for us to pass on something if you’re in a hurry for an answer).

I) Heavy Metal Style: Please look over the work that we publish so you get a feel for the kinds of stories that we're looking for.  Please do not submit comics featuring explicit sex, bestiality or bondage - that sort of thing will get us arrested, and call us crazy, but we're hoping to avoid that.

J) It's not required, but we'd love it if you formatted the art to fit the dimensions of the magazine: Bleed size is 8.25" X 11.125". Trim size is 8" X 10.875”. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it (or google it - as the saying goes: knowledge is power).


A) We’re currently publishing six issues per year and we have to solicit to our distributors four months in advance, so cover slots are booked far in advance and fill very quickly - thus it’s very difficult to place a cover with us. That said, if the odds don’t bother you and you’d like to submit work to be considered for a cover, it’s the about the same process as above for comics: please e-mail low resolution files (72 DPI, no more than 10” at their largest dimension) in JPG or PDF format to with “COVER SUBMISSION" as the subject line for the message.


We haven’t been running many spot illustrations or pin-ups over the past year in order to focus on comics - so we’re not seeking single illos. However, we do have the "Gallery" and "Artist's Studio" sections in the magazine that spotlight an illustrator by featuring six to fifteen pieces of artwork and a short biography of the artist. The major caveat about these features is there isn’t a page rate for them, so they’re for promotional purposes only. If that sounds cool to you, please e-mail 6-15 low resolution files (72 DPI, no more than 10” at their largest dimension) in JPG or PDF format of your work to with “GALLERY SUBMISSION" as the subject line for the message.


A) We’ve been focusing on comics the past year and plan to do so for the foreseeable future, so it’s unlikely that we’ll run many text pieces (reviews, commentary, interviews, etc), highly unlikely that we’ll run any short fiction, and extremely unlikely that we’ll run any poetry. You may submit pieces if you’d like, but (if you haven’t guessed by now) it’s unlikely that we’ll be interested in publishing them. We’re trying to maintain the “illustrated” bit in our “World’s Greatest Illustrated Magazine” byline - so we’re focusing on comics.


We’re currently revamping the web site and want to invite you to join in on our new digital metalverse!

We’re looking for anything that screams HEAVY METAL, be it art, articles, comics, video, music, stories, poems… you get the picture!

Basically it boils down to this, we get a lot of submissions that we can’t use in the magazine due to space limitations - but we’ve got some big honking hard drives that are hungry from some ass-kicking content! So if you’re looking to get your work in front of an audience that truly appreciates your vision, look no further than!

So what’s the catch? I’m glad ya asked, oh astute one, because there is a big one: as we test the new online digs out, we don’t have a budget to pay for content, so it’s something you’ll have to do for the love of it - and to get your work in front of tens of thousands of potential new fans!

If you’re down with that, e-mail your submission (please send any artwork at 72 DPI, 10” maximum dimension) to with the subject WEB CONTENT SUBMISSION.

That covers the vital points. If you have any questions, just holler.


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