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Anyway, so Pete and I kicked around this idea of a bunch of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (stolen from "Cerebus," "Ronin," "New Mutants," and "Daredevil") wrote a story to tell how they came to be, (all on our very own!) and decided to sell it through the direct market Phil Seuling created, borrow a bunch of money from my uncle, and see what happened. Here's one of the very first AD's we did for the "Comic Buyers Guide.".


Okay--the real story--late one night I did this drawing of a Turtle, mask and weapons in place, posed for battle (below)--all to make Pete laugh--this is what I looked like (the black and white photo) around that time, and then look what happened--!

And then I sold my soul to "you know who" and then I looked like this!!!! Okay, maybe my wife decided to become a photographer, and I was one of her first victims, and this is one of the photos she took...Hey, I sent one to Calvin Kline and he hasn't called back! What do you think that means?


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