Ken Keirns


Ken Keirns is represented by Gallery Provocateur. Gallery Provocateur is an avant-garde gallery presents provoking art in an innovative ambience. The intimate setting and tantalizing art, stimulates all the senses, welcoming you to a new revolution in art, expression and fantasy.

At first glance, Keirns’ work could be described as an adolescent’s fantasy realized. But they are more….much, much more.

Keirns’ visions are playful, humorous glimpses into the bizarre and mysterious everyday happenings so many of us miss.

Ken Keirns is a painter, sculptor, and Chicago based illustrator. In addition to Ken’s being in high demand at art galleries internationally, Ken is a permanent resident artist at Gallery Provocateur.

His work has appeared on countless products, advertisements, and billboards. From the largest radio stations in Chicago and L.A. to top pop culture energy drinks, they have all used his poignantly skewed perspective to tickle your eye and stir your soul.

Ken has featured in Heavy Metal & Fructose Magazine.

Ken was born on the thirteenth of November…..Shortly after that he decided that growing up was not such a good idea.

Some of Ken Keirns’s Artworks