Jim Mahfood



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Jim Mahfood aka Food One is a comic book artist/illustrator/muralist/painter/live art rocker residing in LA. He has been making a living off his art since 1997, amassing an impressive cult following across the globe. Projects include illustrating Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” comics, his own “Grrl Scouts” books (and tons of other comics), the new ad campaign for Colt 45, the murals in the Sarah Silverman Program, his ongoing artbook series, “Mixtape”, the “Kick Drum Comix” mini-series, and more. Jim’s latest comic book one-shot is “Carl, the Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches”, available at www.totallynerdcore.com. His new, ongoing autobio strip, “Los Angeles Ink Stains”, can be seen at www.foodoneart.blogspot.com.


Some of Jim Mahfood’s Artworks