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  • Chris Martin says:

    No way to contact anyone by phone to subscribe. Have to go through the internet. Too bad, I want to buy subscriptions for my older brother and I.

  • I recently read HM was sold. Hopefully this will improve the quality of the stories offered in the magazine. I am one of the long time readers, I have been reading the magazine since the late 1970s. I miss the old artists, Caza, Drullet, moebius, Bilal, etrc, etc. Yes I know times change but it seems people STILL like them and want to see them. Case in point is Bilal's Animalz that HM serialized the old way. I'd suggest you guys really continue in that direction and once again begin to feature the old masters in HM once again. And there is plently of work that they have produced over the years 1990s-2000s that for some mysterious reason Kevin decided wasn't interesting(or good) enough to feature in HM. Caza did 10 issues Wasted Lands series, Bilal has many great albums that we never saw in Engish, including Los Angeles Sarcohagus and so on, Druillet just published Delirious 2 finally and so on. Even moebius did a lot of work that was great before he died in 2012. I just can't understand why it was never in HM. "40 days in the desert" is a delight. Heck, even the silly "Inside Moebius" books are fun. I think the new owners should really start to think of taking HM back to its roots by including the works by the tried and true favorites.

  • it's 2015, you should be able to use the Internet to subscribe. After all, you are capable enough to leave a snarky message.

  • Martha says:

    Trying to get back issue. Its really hard too get the online to work or to login,pass word never let’s u login. Need to fix that.

    • John says:

      Martha, if you are looking for back issues, I have an extremely large collection. All in mint/near mint condition, bagged & boarded since purchase. None have been read. Email if you need something.

  • Texiana the most horror comic book.

    Hello my name is Antoine Spyro this is my artist name, i am comic book artist.
    It’s been years that I looking for a publisher oh love mad comic book man !!!!!.
    The name of my comic book is Texiana, this is the most horrible and most disturbing comic book, which could disrupt some people.
    It is in PDF format ((adobe raider)) also i have it in jpg pages and you are interested here is my email to contact

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