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Welcome to the World, Killer. An Excerpt From “Android Blues”

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Here’s a fantastic labor of love being produced by artist Steven Stahlberg. He’s worked in many media over his career, with a focus on video game design. But as with so many artists, the comics medium was an early love and it’s calling him back. As he says on the Android Blues blog:

“After working on this story for about ten years I’ve finally decided to pull the trigger – I’ve realized it’s very unlikely to ever become a movie or book or musical or opera, so I’m choosing a medium I’m comfortable with and can work for free in my spare time – a comic. I also happen to love comics, I used to make them, yet haven’t made any in over 30 years… so for me this is a kind of fond coming home.”

You can find out more about Stahlberg and see tons of his excellent and often sexy art at Artstation, CGSociety, Patreon, and Facebook. Here are the first 12 pages of Android Blues:

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

Android Blues by Steven Stahlberg

To read the rest of what Stahlberg’s done—54 pages and counting as of this writing—visit the Android Blues blog.

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