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The Weirdest “Star Wars” Story Ever Told (A Heavy Metal Classic!)

Rock Opera Star Wars Heavy Metal

“Rock Opera” from Heavy Metal, March 1985

So apparently there’s this new movie out—it’s the seventh Star Wars film, perhaps you’ve heard of it. Everybody’s all nostalgic and teary about what Star Wars meant to them, and when they saw their first Star Wars movie, and how many Star Wars toys they owned, and how many sexy dreams they had about Princess Leia—you know the deal.

But who remembers the time Star Wars was mashed up with The Beatles, and Princess Leia was a groupie, and C-3PO cavorted with naked ladies and then won a Paul McCartney lookalike contest? It happened in “Rock Opera,” a recurring feature in the pages of Heavy Metal. “Rock Opera” kicked off in 1978, but we pick it up here in March 1985 (copies still available in the store), with some help from Rolling Stone:

Here Rod Kierkegaard Jr. discusses this particular story:

Here are the actual pages, click ’em to embiggen ’em:

Rock Opera Star Wars Heavy Metal

Rock Opera II from Heavy Metal, March 1985, by Rod Kierkegaard Jr.

Rock Opera Star Wars Heavy Metal

Rock Opera II from Heavy Metal, March 1985, by Rod Kierkegaard Jr.

Rock Opera Star Wars Heavy Metal

Rock Opera II from Heavy Metal, March 1985, by Rod Kierkegaard Jr.

Rock Opera Star Wars Heavy Metal

Rock Opera II from Heavy Metal, March 1985, by Rod Kierkegaard Jr.

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