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Stylish ‘Dune’ Character Art (You Won’t See in the Film)

Artist Chezka Sunit has tried to answer a popular science-fiction question: What does Dune look like? In a series of illustrations she’s posted to her ArtStation page, Sunit gives her visualization of the characters from Frank Herbert’s saga, originally published in 1965. Sunit, clearly a huge Dune fan, created this series out of excitement over […]

Psychedelic Tarot: Oliver Hibert’s Deck Is Far Out, Man

Oliver Hibert’s tarot deck takes the familiar “wicked pack cards” (as Eliot called it) and gives it a healthy dose of mind-altering pizzazz. Hibert is a professional artist and illustrator whose work you may have seen on album covers, posters and in periodicals — it’s the kind of work you recognize instantly. His images explode […]

20 Covers by Philippe Caza for Science Fiction Novels (in French)

Did you know these images appeared on paperbacks by Asimov, Silverberg and van Vogt?

‘Swift Chrome’ Part 2, Fiction by Joshua Sky

Story by Joshua Sky; art by Ian Tolmay Previously: Swift Chrome Part 1 The Hive is an old football stadium converted into a gladiatorial arena for the cannibal tribe, the Sootar. They’re the worst. Not only do they eat you, but they wear your flesh and make all sorts of grotesque accessories. Boy do I […]