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Preview: HEAVY METAL #274

Below is a small sampling of the awesomeness that’s coming your way in late April in the pages of HEAVY METAL #274!

All artwork © 2015 by the respective creators. All rights reserved.

Michael Penn

Michael Penn





Lewis & Woodward

Erika Lewis & J.K. Woodward


Daniel Saurez Perez

Daniel Suárez Pérez


Diana Knight

Diana Knight

Tessandro & R.J. Lages

Tessandro & R.J. Lages


Molen Bros

Matt & Kevin Molen


Emilio Balcarce & Gonzalo Ruggieri

Emilio Balcarce & Gonzalo Ruggieri


Hannu Kesola & Steven Bagatzky

Hannu Kesola & Steven Bagatzky


Kari Kristensen

Kari Kristensen

Branko Jelinek

Branko Jelinek


Estévez & Rivero

Omar Estévez & Flor Rivero


Victor D. Cantú

Victor D. Cantú


Fabio Ruotolo

Fabio Ruotolo


"MI9" by JD & JMB


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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Max Headroom

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Max Headroom just turned 30 — it was April 4, 1985, that the character first appeared on UK TV screens in the hour-long TV movie Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future. In the course of two years, the world’s first virtual TV personality exploded to a level of celebrity that made him

Undead EVIL Chapter 2 By Forte & Gucunja

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UNDEAD EVIL Part 2 Written By Frank Forte Illustrated by Nenad Gucunja In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a centuries old family curse is reignited by an undead voodoo priest. When paranormal researcher Alfred Carter is summoned by the ghost of his ancestor, he must travel to The Big Easy to

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The debate over whether comic art should be recolored has been with us for a long time, and is somewhat similar to the debate over colorizing black-and-white films that came before it. When a “remastered” version of Howard Chaykin’s original Star Wars adaptation was released in


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NEW WORKS BY ROB REGER • DIENZO • FRANK FORTE  APRIL 4TH & MAY 2ND 2015  7:00 – 10:00 PM With Stranger Creatures Night gallery Fine Arts brings you three very singular artists each with an impressive arsenal of iconic, beautiful and off-kilter characters together for the first time

HARD DRUGS COMIX Episode 4 by Bason & jlee

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Coffee Part One Jlee (artist/designer Jeffry Lee) and Bason (music biz guru/storyteller David Bason) met in New York City, where Jeff had just relocated from Vancouver. David had been there for a decade already and was happy to find another kid who grew up in the same part of the world. David

OBSERVATORY #7 “Time” by Tamasfi & Wijaya

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© 2015 Laszlo Tamasfi. All rights reserved. Observatory is a weekly webcomic by Laszlo Tamasfi and a host of artists from around the globe. Each installment is a self contained, three panel long short story. You can see more strips at Observatory tumblr

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That’s So Metal! Gibson Flying V as Ribcage for Rolling Stone

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This print ad for Italian Rolling Stone‘s 10th anniversary (which happened in 2013) proclaims “We Are Made of Rock” and provides proof in the form of a metallic human ribcage, complete with heart inside, reshaped in the unmistakable design of a Gibson Flying V guitar. This is not,

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Paul Koudounaris: Memento Mori – Photographer of Death by Frank Forte The La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles hosts an exhibit of deathly macabre photographs by Paul Koudounaris. This exhibit coincides with the work of Scott Hove. Paul Koudounaris is an author and photographer from Los

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MONSTER CONTROL INC. Part 5 Monsters have been preying on humans since time immemorial. For the past five centuries, a secret society has made its business hunting down the beasts to keep mankind safe. Monster Control Inc. is the story of these brave men and women who fight for our survival… and