Marvel Comics Just Made Its Sexiest Lady Character Cover Up

Goblin Queen underboob

What woman wears the least probable costume in the all-ages comics world? It’s gotta be Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen (although we’re willing to consider other candidates), whose upside-down bikini top delivers copious amounts of something your dad didn’t even have a word for when he was your age.

Underboob, also known as neathage. Madelyne Pryor’s strange getup puts gravity to the test, and defeats it every time. We don’t know how it stays on, nor, really, do we know how it continues to be acceptable work attire in the Marvel Universe. Well, that may have changed—Bleeding Cool noticed a difference between the solicitation cover and the published cover of Inferno #1:

Inferno 1 Goblin Queen

Spot the difference: At left, a preview cover of Inferno #1; at right, the cover you can buy.

This is a major development. The Goblin Queen’s outfit is iconically ridiculous, so hard to achieve that few human cosplayers have even attempted it. And there’s really only one woman we know of who has done it right. Her name’s BelleChere (Facebook | Tumblr), and if anyone knows the struggle the Goblin Queen goes through, it’s her:

BelleChere Goblin Queen

BelleChere as Goblin Queen

HEAVY METAL: When we look at your Goblin Queen costume, we can only guess that the whole thing works thanks to massive amounts of tape.

BELLECHERE: Haha! The defying gravity part comes from two pasties and a clear bra-strap worn halter-style across the back of my neck. Then there’s really only minimal fashion taping to keep the fabric against my skin.

BelleChere Goblin Queen

BelleChere as Goblin Queen

HEAVY METAL: And then our other question—how foolproof is this system? Has this wardrobe ever malfunctioned?

BELLECHERE: Nope! I would not leave my hotel room if there was a chance of that. I test everything pretty rigorously. Jumping, bending over, all that.

BelleChere Goblin Queen

BelleChere as Goblin Queen

BelleChere as Goblin Queen

BelleChere as Goblin Queen

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