Sneak Peek! Heavy Metal Magazine’s Lollapalooza Gallery and VIP Lounge

Heavy Metal Lounge at Lollapalooza

Amazing art on the walls, magazines galore and the 1981 animation extravaganza “Heavy Metal” playing on the monitor. Heaven!

Check. This. Out.

Here’s a look at Heavy Metal’s VIP art gallery and lounge at Lollapalooza in Chicago. The venue is the Code of Conduct tattoo shop (14 East 11th St.), just blocks away from the music festival in Grant Park. It’s a place where performers, artists, athletes, music industry professionals and select locals can chill out, take in some art, knock back a couple cold ones from Three Floyds Brewing, and even get inked by one of Code of Conduct’s tattoo artists.

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

A wall of awesome.

Charlie Benante Code of Conduct

Charlie Benante of Anthrax with tattoo artist Jaime Ames Navarro at Code of Contact on Saturday. Source:

The Three Floyds brews offered are Zombie Dust Pale Ale, Jinx Proof Lager, and Alpha King Pale Ale — this last one is kinda extra important. In December, Heavy Metal will be bringing you Rise of the Alpha King, a new title by Brian Azzarello and Simon Bisley.

Rise of the Alpha King Three Floyds

The art gallery will remain on display for three weeks after Lollapalooza, so you should stop by if you weren’t on the list for the festival weekend. Artists with work on display include Ron English, Eine, Steve Seeley (who draws Hoax Hunters for Heavy Metal), Lefty, Dont Fret, and Curtis Readel.

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

Power Ballad Bunnny by Ron English (center) and Red Gloss Revolution by Eine (right)

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

Geller & Kirby’s “Lord of Light” prints welcome visitors to the lounge.

Three Floyds Brewing

Cases of Three Floyds Alpha King, Zombie Dust and Jinx Proof arrive at Code of Conduct. Source:

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

Sixers of tasty Three Floyds brews on display with Heavy Metal publications.

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

Currency art and Dead White Guys by Curtis Readel

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

Art and mags in the VIP.

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

Painting by Lefty

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

Dead White Guys by Curtis Readel

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

Yes, we’ve got issues. Lots of ’em.

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

View of the VIP art gallery with Code of Conduct’s tattoo space in the background

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

This part of the lounge looks out on 11th St.

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

More art.

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

More cool Heavy Metal stuff on shelves.

Lollapalooza Heavy Metal VIP Lounge

More art. A painting by Dont Fret hangs below a Lord of Light print.

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