Lesbian Vampires Totally Suck in New Huntress Music Video

Phil Mucci Huntress Sorrow

Our favorite music video director Phil Mucci is back, this time paying tribute to ’70s Euro-horror in the clip for “Sorrow” by Huntress. Jess Franco’s Vampyros Lesbos is the obvious inspiration; at the 1:12 mark the text “La Maledizione della Vampira Lesbica” pops up, which translates to “The Curse of the Lesbian Vampire.”

In the credits, the character played by Ian MacKay, Mucci’s creative partner in Diabolik Films, is identified as “Professor Dario Bava” — a nod to the giallo subgenre of horror. (Giallos were usually psychological murder mysteries that spurned vampires and other traditional horror subjects, but we’ll let the reference stand.)

Jill Janus, the Huntress’ frontwoman, who may very well be a vampire in real life, is convincing and hot. It’s another Mucci triumph of blood, sex and destruction (see also Torche’s “Annihilation Affair” and Disturbed’s “The Vengeful One”). Would watch again. And again.

Here’s the video:

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Here’s the sweet poster, also by Phil Mucci. Click to enlarge:

Poster for Sorrow by Huntress

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