Horror Comedy Deathgasm: “The Perfect Storm of Gore and Metal and Boobs”


Because “How to Get Ahead in Advertising” would have been misleading.

When a pair of metalheads unknowingly summon undead demons by playing the most metal song ever, all hell breaks loose, literally. Starring Milo Cawthorne, James Blake, and Kimberley Crossman, Deathgasm, which premiered at the Sydney Film Festival, brings metal album covers to life.

As Director Jason Lei Howden told The Brag, “The goal with Deathgasm was to make the sort of film that I wanted to watch when I was a teenager. The perfect storm of gore and metal and boobs and dick jokes. … I guess I kind of succeeded in that.” According to Howden, much of his inspiration came from “stuff like Braindead and Day Of The Dead and Return Of The Living Dead; really any movie that had ‘dead’ in the title. And also a lot of heavy metal horror films from the ’80s, things like Trick Or Treat and Black Roses.” He is excited that “most of [the reviews] have been really positive” and that horror fans are enjoying the “chainsaws and boobs”. Check out the insane trailer and see this badass film when it is released in October 2015. Site:













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