Animated Film “The Planet of DOOM” Channels Spirit of “Heavy Metal” Movie


In the spirit of R-rated animated films of the 70s and 80s, Riff Lodge Animation (the studio behind the mind-blowing music video for Conan’s “Throne of Fire”) are setting out to produce an EPIC feature-length fantasy/science-fiction film called The Planet of DOOM, created entirely by artists and bands in the doom/stoner/psych/metal genres.

Still from The Planet of Doom

Art from The Planet of Doom

The Planet of DOOM is an animated film in which hero Halvar the brave seeks vengeance aboard a witch-born chopper, journeying across a psychedelic landscape on a quest to defeat the deadly beast Mördvél for the slaying of his beloved bride.

Still from The Planet of Doom

Art from The Planet of Doom

As director/animator Tim Granda puts it, “The Planet of DOOM is very much in the spirit of music/animated films like Heavy Metal and the works of Ralph Bakshi.” Writer/artist David Paul Seymour adds, “It’s a tribute to heavy music and the art that accompanies that type of music. With this film, we’re seeking to encapsulate the music and art community that Tim and I are a proud part of with one epic body of work. We are also naturally bringing in all sorts of fringe countercultures who’ve attached to this same community. Biker guys, skateboarders, comic book and sci-fi fantasy fans. It’s a really big culture and we’ve certainly brought in the right ambassadors to represent it properly.”

Still from The Planet of Doom

Art from The Planet of Doom

The Planet of Doom will contain no spoken dialogue, opting instead to tell the revenge tale of hero Halvar through the lyrics of the film’s original music. The original story (written years ago by Seymour) unfolds across 14 song-chapters, each interpreted by a different artist/band team-up, by some of the finest bands and artists the Doom/Stoner/Psych community has to offer. Musical acts include bands Cirith Ungol, Orchid, Conan, Phillip Cope, Wo Fat, Mos Generator, Slow Season and The Well; the team of visual artists includes Skinner, Vance Kelly, Jason Cruz, Alexis Ziritt, Adam Burke, Seymour and even legendary Japanese tattoo artist Forrest Cavacco.

The entire team is excited to announce that every fan of the project can now be a part of “The Helping Hands of Doom” (HHOD) funding campaign which began last March when it raised over $20,000 in support from company sponsorships. Through the film’s Kickstarter campaign, which launched April 11, fans can show their love and help get this worthwhile film underway—and get themselves some prized goodies in the process. Everything from a HHOD official shirt up to having yourself featured in the film as an animated “extra” and more!

Official site: The Planet of DOOM
Kickstarter: The Planet of DOOM

Still from The Planet of Doom

Art from The Planet of Doom

Still from The Planet of Doom

Art from The Planet of Doom

Still from The Planet of Doom

Art from The Planet of Doom

Still from The Planet of Doom

Art from The Planet of Doom

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