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Frank Cho’s Latest Sketch Covers: Taste the Outrage!

New York Comic Con is here! The big festival of comics, graphic novels, comic book movies and TV, cosplay and general comics awesomeness starts today. Artists’ Alley, where fans get to meet artists (duh) will as always be a buzzing hive of talent and irreverence, and nobody has more fun than Frank Cho. He’ll be […]

Look What’s Happening to Vampirella (and Red Sonja and Dejah Thoris)

Dynamite Entertainment owns three of the most badass—and sexiest—heroines in comics: Vampirella, Red Sonja, and Dejah Thoris. We’ll even pay them what we consider to be the highest of compliments: These warrior women are classic fightin’ females in the Heavy Metal cover-girl tradition. Today, Dynamite announced that, starting in January, all three will sport new […]

Single-Line Batman Drawing Is Simply Awesome

Le Batman minimal, the French might say (or they might not) — this drawing, soon available as a print series, depicts Batman, Catwoman, Gordon and Robin and consists of a single unbroken line. The mad French genius behind it is the artist Qui Be; Geek-Art.net has the story. Prints will eventually be available through French […]

“Dark Knight” Variant Covers Revealed in Baltimore

At the Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit, going on right now, DC Comics has revealed several variant covers for books in the Dark Knight series of Batman stories by Frank Miller. These images come from Bleeding Cool’s coverage of the event. Here’s a mockup of the packaging of the Complete Dark Knight, which will, presumably, contain […]