Simon Stalenhag’s Painted Tale of an Eerie Alternate Sweden Is 2000% Funded

Simon Stalenhag

Strange machines are roaming Swedish suburbia, are they friend or foe? Artwork by Simon Stalenhag.

Simon Stålenhag’s visions of an alternate Swedish reality of colossal machines, vagrant robots and unexplained dinosaurs has been acclaimed as one of the coolest things on the internet ever since he started posting his paintings at The images form a story that you can not-quite dope out from the collection on his site, but there’s much more to it that is better explained in words and pictures. Say, a book. So Stålenhag put together the first volume, Tales from the Loop, and took it to the 2014 Swedish Book Fair, where it sold out.

He put out the call for funding to continue the project—specifically, to produce an English-language version of Tales from the Loop and then the second volume, Swedish Machines, Lonely Places, which he expects to have completed and ready for your coffee table in late 2016.

Stålenhag was seeking $10,000 for his project through Kickstarter; the sum pledged currently totals $203,196, from 2,285 backers, with 22 days left in the campaign. So… yeah. Goal met. Here are a couple sample layouts, plus 10 of our favorite paintings from Simon’s site, where you can see many more in much better detail.

Simon Stalenhag Tales from the Loop

A spread from Simon Stalenhag’s “Tales From the Loop”

Simon Stalenhag Tales from the Loop

A spread from Simon Stalenhag’s “Tales From the Loop”

Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag

Simon Stalenhag

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