Check Out Jamie Hewlett’s Spectacular Tarot Cards

Jamie Hewlett Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards by Jamie Hewlett,

Artist Jamie Hewlett, most famous as the co-creator of Tank Girl and the visual force behind Gorillaz, has an exhibit opening November 19 at Saatchi Gallery in London. Called “The Suggestionists,” it’s a combination of three seemingly unrelated Hewlett series: a tarot deck; a collection of fictional grindhouse/exploitation movie posters called “Honey”; and “Pines,” detailed pen drawings of pine trees Hewlett did in the south of France.

The Tarot images below are available as prints from The show at Saatchi Gallery runs through December 2.

Jamie Hewlett Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards by Jamie Hewlett,

Jamie Hewlett Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards by Jamie Hewlett,

Jamie Hewlett Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards by Jamie Hewlett,

Jamie Hewlett Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards by Jamie Hewlett,

Jamie Hewlett Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards by Jamie Hewlett,

Jamie Hewlett Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards by Jamie Hewlett,

Jamie Hewlett Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards by Jamie Hewlett,

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