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Arcing Toward Ecstasy: The Bold, Sensuous Art of Rubens LP [13 Images]

Art was a matter of destiny for the Brazilian illustrator Rubens Lopes Pires Júnior, who is better known as Rubens LP. “I had no other way to go, there was nothing else I could choose,” he tells us in Heavy Metal #285. “I was born into a family of art lovers. I’ve always been surrounded […]

The Dark, Addictive Art of Matt Bailey [11 Images]

Matt Bailey modestly lists his occupation as “tattoo apprentice” on his @baileyillustration Instagram profile, but to his 200,000-plus followers he’s a vital artist on paper and in the virtual world. His simple ink drawings, usually captioned, don’t necessarily scream “tattoo”; indeed there’s a medieval, tarot-card simplicity and darkness to them. And for lack of a […]

Apollonia Saintclair’s Alternate Erotic Reality, Where the Pleasure Is All Yours [13 Images]

There’s no need to be coy in this case: Apollonia Saintclair does some sexy pictures. Sexy, sexy pictures. Heavy Metal readers from back in the day might note that she’s in the tradition of European erotica represented by artists like Milo Manara and Guido Crepax; look back another few generations and you might land on […]

Toy Glory: Robert X Burden’s Epic Paintings

In 2015, the Gregorio Escalante Gallery in Los Angeles hosted a collection of paintings that give a Renaissance grandeur to the action figures and toys many of us grew up with. The show, called “Original Myth,” collected the epic canvases of Robert X. Burden, an artist who has spent years creating meticulously-composed paintings that imagine, […]