‘Solar Opposites:’ Watch the Trailer for New Series from ‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator

There is all kinds of messed-up stuff going on in this trailer, which is a good thing. Get excited, it's coming to Hulu May 8.

Moebius Story ‘La Planete Encore’ as CGI Animation

French comics artist Moebius made many contributions to film, most significantly as a designer. We see his handiwork in Tron, Willow, The Fifth Element and other movies for which he handled concept art or visual development. But video versions of Moebius’ own stories, many of which ran in Heavy Metal are rare. In 2003, 14 […]

Secret Social Club’s ‘Gravity’ Video Goes from Reality to Comics

Los Angeles based alt-rock band Secret Social Club debuts their first single “Gravity” with a part live-action, part animated comic music video. The band encapsulates what we love most about artists, pushing the boundaries of music and art in new ways. Check out their new music video below. You can also click this link to […]

Shades of Taarna: The Strokes’ ‘At the Door’ Is a Familiar Cosmic Saga

The Strokes have posted a video for their latest single, “At the Door,” and we’re tempted to call it an homage to the 1981 Heavy Metal movie. There’s no Taarna per se, but there is a female protagonist who wields a giant sword and slices up some scummy bad guys. There are spaceships galore and […]