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Axel Medellin Touts “Infinite Possibilities” of Heavy Metal 275 — and Beyond!

Heavy Metal 275

Heavy Metal 275 cover art by Jose Quintero

Artist Axel Medellin is one of numerous talented Mexican storytellers we’ve tapped for HM #275. The issue will be in stores and mailboxes soon, and you can also order it from our online store right now. Medellin shared some of his thoughts on this groundbreaking issue with Comic Book Resources in a story posted today.

“Heavy Metal has always had a large number of fans here in Mexico,” Medellin says. “I don’t know if it’s the art, or its subversive nature, but even non-comic book fans are well aware of it and have posters and t-shirts with images by Luis Royo or Simon Bisley. … My friend RG Llarena, who was at the forefront of the independent comic movement in the 90’s, and loves to say that HM amounts to one thing: possibilities.”

The all-Mexican idea was, if not a no-brainer, then at least extremely logical, Medellin says: “In the past six or seven years you can find that hardly an issue of HM goes by without a story with some Mexican talent in it. The next logical step was bringing them all together in a single issue. … [RG] pitched the idea of a guest-edited all-Mexican special issue (with the then already very specific theme of Cyberpunk combined with Magical Realism), and he would not take ‘no’ for answer.”

For the full interview, visit Comic Book Resources. Here’s a preview page from “Trees Feel No Rage,” illustrated by Axel Medellin, from Heavy Metal 275:

Heavy Metal 275 Axel Medellin

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