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Don’t Miss Out on the Revived “ReincarNATE”!


Heavy Metal is bringing ReincarNATE back to life. The title was originally self-published by writer Michael Moreci and artist Keith Burns; we’ll be bringing you the original 4-issue run, and then continue into new territory starting with issue 5. The on-sale date for ReincarNATE #1 from Heavy Metal is August 17.

If you want to get in on the ReincarNATE phenomenon, you may need to take a little action—now. To get ReincarNATE into your local store, you have to tell them to order it, and you’ve got until Tuesday, July 5. That’s the fateful day known as “Final Order Cutoff”—basically, your comics shop can’t order everything, but they will order comics if you tell them you want to buy them. (Read more about this system on Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Tumblr.)

So if you want Moreci’s beloved undead baby, the supernatural crime comic he has called “the book that refuses to go away”, tell your shop.

Moreci and Burns had a lot of faith in ReincarNATE, and so does Heavy Metal, but we’re not the only ones. We learned last year that ReincarNATE is in the process of becoming a TV series; more recently we learned that David Hayter is writing it. Hayter is a big deal; he wrote X-Men, X-Men 2, Watchmen and The Scorpion King.

Michael Moreci writes about all this at greater length on his blog, and with more feeling. But the bottom line is: Tell your local shop you want ReincarNATE; if you don’t, you might not get ReincarNATE. You gotta tell them by Tuesday, July 5, if you want to see the book on its on-sale date, August 17.

Now let’s have some preview, hmm? From ReincarNATE #1:



















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