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On Sale Now: The Doorman Collected!


Good news, comics lovers: The Doorman, the standalone miniseries that we published in 2016, is now available as a collected edition. To refresh your memory, The Doorman is a comedic sci-fi adventure written by Daniel Kibblesmith (of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and Eliot Rahal (The Paybacks), and features art by Kendall Goode. What’s it about? Glad you asked:

On every planet there is a door that can take you anywhere in the galaxy. Henry Clay Waters is the Doorman for Earth – and he’s one day from retirement. So why is he suddenly the target of Intergalactic assassins?

Click the cover to go to The Doorman Collected in the Heavy Metal store!

Click the cover to go to The Doorman Collected in the Heavy Metal store!

Can a spunky alien cop, Detective Flower, keep him alive long enough to find out? It’s a cosmic comic caper full of space Koalas, monsters, exploding heads, and egomaniacal extraterrestrial gazillionaires, as two working-class heroes try to save The Universe in The Doorman!

Get it in the shop: The Doorman Collected, Vol. 1

The series received rave reviews when it was published, and continues to do so. Here’s how Newsarama characterized the collection on Tuesday:

Heavy Metal’s hilarious surrealist romp through a surprisingly dense science fiction universe returns to shelves this week in The Doorman Vol. 1 trade. Collecting all four issues of this slice of fried comedy gold, this volume allows Eliot Rahal and Daniel Kibblesmith’s story to breathe, unencumbered by a staggered release schedule. This also allows the duo’s ever increasing narrative stakes, endearingly unhinged characters, and sharp scripts to shine as they pull the reader deeper and deeper into the title’s crazy world.

… It isn’t often that monthly comics get a full fledged comedy within its ranks, but The Doorman Vol. 1 is precisely the kind of hilarious jolt that comics need every once and a while.

You’ll be able to find The Doorman Collected in comics shops, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million; if you’d prefer to skip the lines and avoid the terrifying outside world we direct you to The Doorman Collected in the Heavy Metal online store.

Here’s a giant chunk of a preview—the first issue (32 pages!) for you to read for free:

Doorman 1 Review Copy by Heidi MacDonald on Scribd

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