Available Now: “Hoax Hunters” Number 1!

Today is April 1st, or April Fools Day, a day known for its celebration of pranks—but this is no joke – it’s also the day that Heavy Metal, the world’s number one science fiction and fantasy magazine, launches a comics line nearly 40 years in the making!

This is no prank, no joke, and certainly no hoax—this is the real deal. Hoax Hunters #1, Heavy Metal’s first standalone comic book, is available for purchase right now in the Heavy Metal store:

We gave the folks at Bloody-Disgusting a peek several weeks ago; here’s what they said in their advance review:

Hoax Hunters #1 does a brilliant job at reintroducing the series, but proves to be a bold new direction. There is a certain confidence to the script that doesn’t feel bogged down in over explaining anything. Instead the incredibly fun world of Hoax Hunters pours off every page creating an engaging read that doesn’t let up until the final page, and even then, the final panel. This is a fantastic reintroduction, and the perfect series for Heavy Metal to set the tone for their new comics branding.

The new series is “Season Two” of Hoax Hunters, and picks up the action where the first left off: With the Hoax Hunters team in shambles following Jack’s untimely departure, what’s left of the group heads to Paris under Donovan’s controversial leadership. If you didn’t read any of Season One, or you just want to refresh your memory, you might want to check out the 19-page recap assembled by the book’s creators and posted here last night.

To celebrate the launch, the Hoax Hunters themselves will take over the @HeavyMetalInk twitter account; follow their investigation and tweet along using the #hoaxhunters hashtag! Make sure to follow @HeavyMetalInk for updates throughout the day, and RT the Hoax Hunters team for a chance to win a signed special variant available only through select comic shops, and direct from Heavy Metal!

Don’t miss this landmark issue, as the series reaches a crucial turning point on and off of the page!

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