Dave Correia’s Colorful Nightmares: Heavy Metal 295 Cover Artist Spotlight

Dave Correia, 'Skele-Toddler' (detail)

Dave Correia, ‘Skele-Toddler’ (detail)

In Heavy Metal 295, the Music Special, most of the stories are inspired by hard rock or heavy metal songs. Cover artist Dave Correia’s work, which is itself the cover of Rob Sonic’s album Defriender, is actually the starting point for “The Boss” (by Diego Agrimbau, Marco Turini, and Adam Wollet). Correia also created the cover art for In Flames’ 2011 album Sounds of a Playground Fading.

See it in the shop: Heavy Metal issue 295 issue B, with cover art by Dave Correia

“The subjects of Dave’s earliest artistic endeavors were often strange, demonic creatures,” sez his bio at The Art of Dave Correia. “Disturbing, yet grotesquely appealing, these characters and their fictional worlds fueled his imagination and had a strong, significant influence on Dave’s creative style today.”

Skulls, horns, tentacles, moths, teeth, insects in vivid color — plucked from your favorite horror movies and childhood nightmares. All this and the occasional baby Skeletor. Enjoy! You can find more of Dave Correia’s stuff on his website The Art of Dave Correia, as well as his socials (instagram.com/davecorreia, twitter.com/davecorreia and Facebook).

Dave Correia, 'Carnifex'

Dave Correia, ‘Carnifex’

Dave Correia, 'Moth Duster'

Dave Correia, ‘Moth Duster’

Dave Correia, 'Mother Nature'

Dave Correia, ‘Mother Nature’

Dave Correia, 'Organic Symmetry'

Dave Correia, ‘Organic Symmetry’

Dave Correia, 'Robber of Graves'

Dave Correia, ‘Robber of Graves’

Dave Correia, 'Sphere of Hallucination'

Dave Correia, ‘Sphere of Hallucination’

Dave Correia, 'Stricken Brimstone'

Dave Correia, ‘Stricken Brimstone’

Dave Correia, 'Summoning Imperfection'

Dave Correia, ‘Summoning Imperfection’

Dave Correia, 'Swine Separation'

Dave Correia, ‘Swine Separation’

Dave Correia, 'Teeth Obsession'

Dave Correia, ‘Teeth Obsession’

Dave Correia, 'The Offering'

Dave Correia, ‘The Offering’

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