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Latest in Music

Daft Punk Goes to the Dark Side as “Darth Punk”

August 26, 2015 • Music, News

Infectious Designer‘s mashup of Daft Punk and Star Wars is here — check out Darth Punk: The Funk Awakens! Prequel: Behind the scenes:

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Latest in Film

New NSFW Trailer for “Scouts Guide”: Horny Geeks and Naked Zombies Clash

August 25, 2015 • Films, News

Here’s a likely candidate for the next great horror comedy: Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. As demonstrated in this NSFW red band

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Latest in Comics

HARD DRUGS COMIX Episode 8 by Bason and lee

September 3, 2015 • Comics, Top News

Jlee (artist/designer Jeffry Lee) and Bason (music biz guru/storyteller David Bason) met in New York City, where Jeff had just relocated from

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