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Robot Meets Girl, Tragedy Ensues in Torche’s “Annihilation Affair”

March 31, 2015 • Music, News

Here is a great piece of apocalyptic animation—it’s the video for Torche’s “Annihilation Affair.” With a title like that,

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Fun With Real Audio: Teen Son vs. Nagging Parents, the Cartoon

March 26, 2015 • Featured, News, Top News, Videos

Brother Mike Cohen, a rock ‘n roll fanatic who may also be a “music industry employee” and is most definitely a storyteller, did a

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Available Now: “Hoax Hunters” Number 1!

April 1, 2015 • Comics, Featured, News, Top News

Today is April 1st, or April Fools Day, a day known for its celebration of pranks—it’s also the day that Heavy Metal, the world’s number

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